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Awarding of Islamic Digital Asset Classification Standard to Royal Money (“RMN”) Token

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2nd Feb 2024: NCDLT Asset Evaluators is pleased to announce that after a meticulous assessment encompassing analysis including KYC/AML compliance, examination of the contract source code, asset reserves protocols and other requirements under IDACS presented by Tijarah Holding Ltd. That the Royal Money Maal-20 token smart contract, bearing the symbol RMN representing Royal Money, Oracle protocol, and proof of reserve mechanism submitted by AI Green Bubble Sdn Bhd (smart contract developer) and minted on the Maal blockchain (MaalChain MainNet), has been officially awarded the Islamic Digital Asset Classification of:

Category: Stablecoin

Activity: Asset-Backed

Sector: Commodity/Fiat (gold and Euro dollar)

Rating: Gold Star (Verified and Shariah compliance Class A+)


This is the first stablecoin to receive this IDACS rating by us. Such a rating necessitates strict adherence to NC DLT Asset Evaluators -RICS stringent security measures standards, revolving around smart contract coding and compliance protocols to ensure the authenticity of the gold and European fiat currency reserves.

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